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Your Omics Partner

Expert team who can help through each step in your omics project 



Lab Design & Acquistion

We can help you in designing your lab, providing you with differnet instruments technologies with the pro/cons of each so you can find the instruments that suit your needs. Also, we can help in contacting the suppliers.


Lab Management Solutions

EG-Bioinformatics can provide software solutions that help you managing your patients and samples with the highest levels of data security.


Data Analysis & Annotation

The sequencer ran, and it generated Tera/Giga bytes of data, EG-Bioinformatics can provide you with the tools to analyse and annotate the generated data, so they become more meaningful to you.


Data Management

As your project gets larger, you will be overwelmed with the produced data, don't worry, we can provide you with the best solutions to manage your data according to the current and future project size.

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